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St. Peter Lutheran School offers an engaging, integrated, and rigorous curriculum that includes a strong foundation in core academic disciplines: English, with an emphasis on writing, reading, and public speaking; mathematics; science; social studies; and Christian theology.  

In addition, performing arts and visual arts, athletics, music, technology, outdoor education, and community service are important curricular components, enhancing the growth of our students' hearts, minds, and faith.  Developing social and emotional skills is a critical part of our program as well, and plays an important part in our school culture.  
Our teachers create a rich and varied environment in which our students develop exceptional learning skills through engaging curriculum, creative projects, and hands-on interactive experiences.  St. Peter students know how to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, are skilled at information gathering and processing, and approach their studies with an inquisitive risk-taking spirit.  

At St. Peter we are deeply committed to the intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical growth of our students.  We also expect our children to develop leadership skills, compassion,  and mutual respect for others.  We guide them to become responsible citizens in our community and in the world.  

Our Curriculum

Our  teachers are committed to providing a rich and varied education.  
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Student Assessment

Student progress is monitored regularly with respect to course content standards and school wide learning results.  Teaching staff evaluate student academic performance using teacher made assessments and curriculum driven evaluations.  Teachers are trained and encouraged to use multiple measures of assessments recognizing that all students learn differently.  

Student feed back is regarded as key in monitoring student progress over time.  St. Peter Lutheran School utilizes Renaissance STAR Reading and Math assessment tool which is a nationally standardized testing product.  These assessments in Reading and Math are given a total of five times throughout the school year;  students are tested once at the beginning of the academic year and tested again at the end of each quarter.    

St. Peter Lutheran School is Accredited by: 

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is the most recognized accrediting body for academic institutions in the country.  St. Peter Lutheran School has been accredited with WASC for the past 15 years.  
For more information about WASC, visit their website at www. acswasc.org
National Lutheran School Accreditation

National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) serves as the accrediting body for Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod schools across the United States and world.  NLSA has been accrediting schools in the LCMS since 1978.  Accreditation decisions are based upon a school's compliance with national standards that are essential qualities expected of Lutheran schools.