50 S. Lower Sacramento Rd.

Lodi, CA 95242

State Lic.#394500268

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The mission of St. Peter Lutheran School is to assist parents in the training of their children through Christ centered teaching and excellence in academic curriculum.

St. Peter Lutheran Church operates St. Peter Lutheran School. The church is a nonprofit corporation holding membership in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). We derive our doctrine and practice from the Bible, the Lutheran Confessions, and LCMS teachings.

Christian beliefs pervade everything that is done at St. Peter Lutheran School. We integrate Christian instruction into the study of every subject. We immerse students in a Christian environment, surrounded by teachers, administrators, and staff whose very presence is a testimonial to the Christian faith and life.

Anyone can attend our school. Although we adhere to our Lutheran doctrine and heritage, this school is a ministry. Therefore, everyone is welcome. Whether you are Lutheran or non-Lutheran,
churched or unchurched, this is a place of love and guidance.

St. Peter Lutheran School will provide teaching and other educational experiences to enable children:

 To learn and apply the basic Christian principles which Christ has outlined for His people in His Word;

To develop skills of self-discipline appropriate for home, classroom, school, church, and community;

To develop an awareness of the needs of the community and to reach out, in love, to help those in need;

To learn and master the basic academic skills necessary to become happy, healthy, useful citizens.


St. Peter Lutheran School was founded in Lodi, CA in 1904 by St. Peter Lutheran Church. The school began with 16 students and 1 teacher. During the first 40 years of the school's history the school closed and reopened several times, primarily during WWI and again in WWII. Due to increasing enrollment, a new facility was built in 1945 at West Locust and Church Streets. The school was located where the Lodi Public Library now stands, with the church directly across the street. In 1964, a fire destroyed the church facility leading the congregation to rebuild its church and school at the current location on Lower Sacramento Road. By 1978 enrollment was at 150, and the school implemented a single grade per classroom policy. In 1991 St. Peter completed WASC and NLSA accreditation requirements. In 2002 St. Peter opened a preschool program with average enrollment at 35-40 students. The school currently has nearly 200 students from Preschool through 8th grade.


The mission of St. Peter Lutheran School is to assist parents in the training of their children through Christ-centered teaching and excellence in academics. 



To be a mission center helping outsider pre-Christians become insider Christ-followers who grow into a life of full devotion to Christ.



  • We believe in a loving, communal, Triune (three in one) God--God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 
  • We believe God the Father created a perfect world for the glory of His Son, but when he created man with free will, man chose his own will over God's and severed the perfect relationship with the Father. 
  • We believe in the mercy of God's saving plan. God came into our world as a humble baby, becoming a man to restore our relationship with Him. Through his death on a cross and resurrection from the dead, we have eternal life. It is by God's grace and his grace alone that we are made whole again.
  • We believe in God's Spirit--the Counselor God gives us so we can have faith in him. His Spirit gives us strength to grow in our personal relationship with God. 
  • We believe in a loving, communal, Christian Church that reflects the community of the Triune God. When Jesus went back to heaven after his resurrection, he established a body of people on earth to carry out His mission - to love God and people, and to make Christ-followers of all nations to the glory of God's Son, Jesus. 
  • We believe the Bible is the tool which God uses to reveal his character, the world, and the ways we can grow in a life-changing relationship with Him. 



Dale Munsch


Terrie Hinders

Administrative Assistant

Jan Hust

Preschool Director

Martha Sauseda


Monica Fritz



Grant Plath

Physical Education

Noelle LeBaron


Anna Joslyn

First Grade


Dawn Godemann

First Grade

Rachel Grenz

Second Grade

Donny Richter

Third Grade


Teacher Bio

Kristen Jones

Fourth Grade

Janine Urias

Fifth Grade


Teacher Bio

Julie Wilke

Middle School

Paul Duerr

Middle School


Teacher Bio

Leigh Eades-Johnson

Art Teacher